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Junk Removal

Choosing Canada Junk Removal is as easy as having our professional staff remove your junk. It takes 4 simple steps from start to finish!


Demolition services

At Canada Junk Removal, we provide good old fashion hard work and offer demolition services to help our customers with bigger removal projects.


Premium services

Frequently at Canada Junk Removal, we provide removal services before and after any number of stressful times in the life of you or a loved one.


We are 100% committed to donating and recycling all our reusable materials. As a socially responsible company, we work with charities and recycling facilities to help people in need and reduce the waste sent to landfills. We don’t stop here! A percentage of every dollar spent to remove your junk is donated to local charities every year.

Canada Junk offers the best junk removal and the friendliest service in the Greater Toronto Area. We only charge for the space your items take up in our truck, you’ll be able to see everything for yourself. No matter the circumstances, we guarantee professional service for any job.

TRUCK SIZE: 10ft X 8ft X 5ft

1/16 1/8 1/4 1/2 3/4 Full load
$98 $138 $238 $348 $458 $498

Canada Junk Removal has a strategic partnership with Green Mountain General Contracting to help customers with any renovations or remodeling that they may be planning. Simply enquire with our team when they arrive to provide junk removal services or visit Green Mountain General Contracting.