How Much Junk Is Too Much Junk?

How much junk is too much junk?

There’s really no such thing as too much junk.

We take it all from refrigerators to mattresses and old and knickknacks to overwhelming amounts of trash.

But what we need you to do is tell us exactly how much junk you have.

This will help us determine which truck we need to bring and how big of a crew needs to come with it.

When you call we will explain exactly how big our truck is and how much junk it can hold.

Then we will ask you to estimate how many loads the truck may have to dispose of.

If our truck isn’t big enough to take your junk away in one load that is not a problem.

We can take several trips back and forth, loading and unloading junk until we get all of it that you need removed.

We likely won’t be able to give your price until we arrive.

This is because our prices vary depending on what you need to have removed and how much of it there is to take.

So for instance, if you have large items that require more manpower this will cost more for the removal.

On the other hand, if you have a smaller amount that is already bagged and ready for us to dispose of this type of job could take us very little time and be much more inexpensive.

Instead of giving you a price over the phone before we’ve seen what kind of job we are up against it is better for us to take a look at it in person so that we can give you an exact price and you won’t be surprised by the total at the end.

What we can do for you is give you a rough estimate depending on how many truckloads we believed your junk will fit in.

The price will also be determined by your location.

Depending on where we are taking your junk we will price the move according to mileage.

If your junk is being disposed of at the local dump then we will price the job according to how close you are to the dump site.

This is only a fraction of the cost of the move but does factor into the total, as does the type of load and the number of drop-offs.

There really is no such thing as too much junk.

If the removal you need is too large for us to finish in one day we will gladly come back as many times as necessary to finish the job.

Calling ahead to make the appointment will help us schedule around the junk load.

For instance, if you need us for three full days scheduling those ahead of time will secure your time with us.

We know that you want your junk out of there quickly and we want to give you three consecutive days dedicated to making that happen.

The sooner you call ahead the more likely that we are to fit you in for those three back-to-back days.

How much junk is too much junk to remove?