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Toronto Furniture, Piano & Hot Tub Removal

Hot-tub removal can be a tricky project, but with the friendly and experienced professionals from Canada Junk, removal and disposal of hot tubs from anywhere is made easy!

We ensure that hot tub disposal is a cost effective and budget-friendly service—and that’s how we’ve earned the name of Toronto’s furniture removal specialist extraordinaire.

Whether downsizing or making room for a new hot tub, our friendly, skilled and fully insured professionals can provide a free estimate for you on-site at a moment’s notice.

With our same day service, hot tub removal is quick and easy.

Your hot tub can be hauled away as soon as today!

With hot tub recycling and disposal there are often items that may still be useful.

Our environmentally friendly approach to hot tub pickup and removal means we work closely with local charities and recyclers to ensure that any possible building materials or recyclables are disposed of properly.

This ensures future use of items from a hot tub pickup and the avoidance of landfills.

With furniture removal projects, simply specify what needs to be removed and at no obligation the Canada Junk removal team can begin by providing a free on-site estimate!

Our volume-based rates ensure that whether you require piano, pool or hot tub removal in Toronto, your price strictly reflects the amount of space that the item takes up in our truck!

From there, take it easy as the Canada Junk removal team provides full service junk removal!

 Everything including the heavy lifting, loading and disposal are taken care of – at no extra charge! 

The professionals at Canada Junk can fulfill virtually any junk removal project.

Piano moving can be both a science and an art because the task requires special knowledge and skills that normal movers, even the most experienced, do not have.

This is true because acoustical pianos are extremely heavy (especially the big grand pianos or big, tall, upright pianos which have heavy player mechanisms) and at the same time they are extremely fragile.

Since these removal projects require specific expertise and extensive experience, our company can be trusted to deliver a quality and professional job well done.

At Canada Junk the landfill is just one option!

As part of our environmental initiative, our friendly service professionals strive to adopt alternative methods of disposal for everything from pool to hot tub removal in Toronto.

By working alongside local charities and recyclers, we ensure that as much of the items removed as possible avoid the landfill.

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