Independent Junk Removal

Do I have to be there when you come to take the junk away?

We understand that you can be too busy or it can be too emotional for you to be there while we are removing junk.

Some of our junk removal is done in homes where a loved one has passed away.

Watching their loved one’s belongings being removed from the house can be very difficult to watch.

We respect the fact that you may not want to witness this process happening.

For that reason we understand if you do not want to be present.

Junk removal is also done for those who suffer from a hoarding disorder.

Hoarding is defined as a behavioral pattern of excessive acquiring of items and the inability to let go of large quantities of objects that have little to no value.

There are many health risks associated with hoarding including financial burden, function impairment and living dangers.

Because it is a very serious health risk that is paired with the emotional inability to let go of things, hoarders sometimes need family members and junk removers like us to help get the problem under control.

Because it is so difficult for hoarders to let go of their possessions it is sometimes easier that they are not present during the removal.

It is a stressful and overwhelming event and removing a hoarder from the event will help ease their pain.

Our removal teams are professionals and are able to manage a removal job without it being overseen by a homeowner or company owner.

Because we are not able to give pricing before we have seen the job first-hand we will call you when we arrived at the property and give you a final price.

Once they are given the go-ahead we will start with the junk removal.

Before the day of our arrival we ask that you make it extremely clear what we will be taking away. 

The last thing we want to do is take away something of value to you that you treasure.

Use clear indications such as notes to help direct us to what is being considered junk and needs to be removed.

During the removal we may need to speak to you over the phone to clarify what needs to go so being available over the phone while we are on your property is very helpful.

For commercial property owners we understand that you are running a business and that you cannot take time to watch us remove all of your junk.

We ask that you also make it clear as to what is leaving and what is staying.

It’s also best for the movers to have a clear pathway to and from their truck during the removal.

On commercial properties there is a lot of junk that can be recycled.

Metals can be sold to junk yards for a decent amount of money.

If you do not want everything to go to the junk yard we can always take it to a recycling facility or an organization for donation.

Once the job is done credit cards can be taken over the phone and payments can be settled without the owner having to be present.

Independent Junk Removal Toronto