Where do you take my junk? What if I simply want you to relocate it for me?

What we do with your junk is dependent on what you have. Some items will go to a transfer station and the rest will be taken to the dump.

The transfer station is a building site that temporarily disposes of waste. The station is used for larger items that need to go from our truck to a larger truck where the contents can be transported to their final destination whether that is a landfill, the recycling plant or a hazardous waste facility.

Some transfer stations will even transport items to material recovery facilities. These facilities specialize in separating recyclable materials from the rest of the junk. Trash is categorized as being either clean or dirty.

The landfill is where everything goes that cannot be recycled and that is categorized as dirty. This is the oldest form of waste treatment. It is disposed of by being buried so that can start to decompose. It will also be filled with rocks that will help irrigate and speed up the decomposition process.

Even if you do not specifically ask us to make donations if our team does come across items that can be reused instead of taking them to the landfill they will donate them to a local organization. The same goes for recyclables. When our team disposes of everything in the truck they will take plastics, glass and paper to the recycling plant.

Do you simply want your junk relocated? We provide our services before and after the process of moving between homes and businesses. Even though we are not a specialty moving company we will relocate items that a regular moving company may not want to deal with.

These types of items include indoor and outdoor items as well as items that you need unattached from your home before they can be moved.

Fencing: Movers do not move fencing and they certainly don’t take it down for you. We will do both and safely get your fence to your new property.

Firewood and Lumber: We will gladly remove the firewood and lumber from your backyard and take it to the new home. We also provide this service for commercial properties. Whether you have a large stack of cinderblocks or a pile of lumber that needs to be relocated we can take care of it for you.

Garden Items: We understand that your garden means a great deal to you and we are here to offer you the service of moving your heavy and awkward garden items to a new property. This includes anything we can lift and anything that was not sold with the previous property. This can include something as small as a garden gnome to something as large as a built-in artificial pond.

Attachments: Do you have a stair lift or a built-in walkway that gives your home or business wheelchair access that needs to be relocated? We are able to help with that.

If you have any questions about an item that your moving company does not want to deal with you can always give us a call. We are happy to answer any questions and help provide you with solutions.

Where do you take my Toronto junk?