Demolition, Cleanup & Removal

I just bought a house that needs some demo. Do you do that?

As a junk removal service we also offer the service of demolition.

The perk of hiring our team is that we not only demo your home or commercial property, we also take the junk off of the property and dispose of it.

This is not common for most construction projects.

In most cases the demolition crew will come to a property expecting that it already have a large industrial trash collector for demoed pieces of junk.

Once the industrial trash collector is full, the secondary company will have to come pick it up and dump it. They will then return it for it to be refilled.

Each time the trash collector is refilled the company will have to be notified so that they can come empty yet once again.

This back-and-forth process continues until the demolition project is complete.

When you hire a junk removal company you get two companies in one.

Instead of going between two companies to have the junk removed in order for the construction crew to proceed your demolition crew and junk removal crew are one in the same.

As our team demos your property they will empty their truck as needed.

This helps speed the process along because the demolition crew is not waiting for a dump crew to schedule a pickup and dump.

We can absolutely help you with your entire demolition project.

As long as the average demolition crew can handle it we can handle it as well.

We will demo everything from walls to flooring and kitchens to bathrooms.

In addition to the demolition we will also remove anything on the property that you do not want. 

Because you’re purchasing property there may be junk outside that needs to be taken away.

This could include old fire wood, an old leaning shed or a rock garden that has gone out of style. 

Whatever you need removed that can be done with the strength of our team and their tools, we can remove for you.

Pricing for demolition works the same as pricing for junk removal.

We price jobs according to the length of time they will take to complete, the manpower that will need to be used to complete it and the number of trips that will need to be made to the closest dumping location.

Like our other jobs we are unable to give pricing over the phone before seeing the property.

We can give you a rough estimate if you are able to provide us with information like square footage, the number of rooms the house has and any additional junk that will need to be removed from the property.

Once our team arrives at the site they will be able to give you an exact price that you can agree upon before the demolition and junk removal starts.

If you would like walls to be demolished it is best that you very clearly show which walls you would like to be taken down.

This also goes for kitchens and bathrooms demolitions.

If anything is going to be kept in the home our team needs to be very clear about it.

I bought a house that needs some demo Toronto. Do you do that?