My home is overflowing, but it's too much work for me to do by myself. Can you help? All of my junk needs to go! Every last bit of it. Can you take it all?

Whether you are moving or in a hoarding situation if all of your junk needs to go, we are the people to call. We can take everything, down to the very last knick-knack.

When we are called to remove junk from a property and clean it in its entirety we suggest that you go ahead and remove anything from the home that has value to you.

That way when we get to the property we can get started and you don’t have to be afraid that we will accidentally remove something that you would like to keep.

This is obviously an extreme situation and does not apply to everyone, but we are happy to help those who need this extreme service.

Like we previously mentioned, we are unable to give you an exact price on a project without first seeing the property in person.

But, what we can do for you is give you a rough estimate depending on the size of the house, the amount of the junk and the distance away from the dump yard that your property is.

For projects of this size, whether they are needed for a private property or a company property, may require more than one day to complete.

For this reason we suggest you call ahead of time to set up your appointment.

The further ahead that you call the better chance that we will be able to fit you in for multiple days of junk removal.

We will also need to assign the right size team to your project and will need to keep them available for your time and day slot.

During a junk removal of this size we can still dispose of the junk as you wish.

If we come across items that can be recycled we will take them to the recycling plant.

If some of the junk can be reused we will take it to a local organization as donations.

If you already have an idea of where you would like some of the junk to be dropped off you can organize it ahead of time.

This is not a necessity but it can help speed up the process and save you money as well as time.

As always, even though you would like every last thing removed we are still unable to remove toxic waste.

If you have toxic waste that you need removed from the property you can call the city for information on who to contact.

If you are unsure if you have toxic waste you can wait until after we have come and removed all of the junk.

We will leave behind anything that we are unable to take and you can easily dispose of it then.

Once we’re done with the junk removal we offer the added bonus of cleaning up the property.

This means that we won’t leave piles of dust and dirt in your home for you to clean up.

We bring rakes and brooms so that when the junk is removed, where it had been sitting is also clean.

EXtreme Hoarding Cleaning Removal Toronto