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The mess created when a family moves, remodels, or has simply lived for an extend period of time in the same home can detract from its appearance.

The garage becomes stuffed, the yard might need work.

Not only does this reduce the enjoyment of a home it also lowers its value.

A property owner can call several services for help with these problems, but Canada Junk offers solutions for all of these problems.

Useless Stuff

When a bicycle is given to a child the gift seems almost magical, but sadly within a few years the child will outgrow it.

The lawnmower that gave up the ghost one summer morning typically winds up next to the unused box of Christmas cards.

Lurking in this junk are articles no one even remembers buying.

Not only is the clutter reducing the appearance and usefulness of the garage, these crowded conditions can make it unsafe.

In calling Canada Junk, there’s no need to go through the entire pile and try to crowd all the items into a bin.

The professionals will load the items and carry them away.

Reusable items will find new homes rather than being sent off to a landfill.

The same is true for closets, or cabinets budging with unused stuffed.

The Yard

For many the yard is the last aspect considered when buying a house.

Often problems appear over time with bushes, trees, and roots making setting up a pool or a child’s clubhouse almost impossible.

Removing these problems is a job Canada Junk can help with, and debris removed all as part of the service as well.

The Patio

The deck that sags, the patio with hole everyone keeps tripping over, or the hot tub no one wants around anymore can weigh on a homeowners mind.

There’s no way to sit outside and enjoy the weather when the eyes keep drifting toward the trouble areas.

Getting these tasks done and out of the way doesn’t take long, and all cement or wood is carried away.

This would be a daunting outdoor project for most, but with the professional help of Canada 

Junk in a short time it’s possible to have the yard not only ready for a summer afternoons spent watching a sunset, but also serving as a safer environment for the entire family.

Getting an Estimate

For those services that simply drop off a bin and drive away there’s more to the cost than for simply hauling it away.

The time and effort to collect the material and do the work alone costs in sore and achy muscles, which for most is part of the procrastination regarding getting rid of junk.

Canada Junk doesn’t simply drop off a bin.

Pointing out the areas that need improvement and hauling is the extent of the work the homeowner needs to do.

After a free estimate based on the volume of the junk the removal team will take away.

The only cost is for the space take up on the trucks, but without the aggravation of having to sort and load the items.

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