Junk Removal & Disposal In Cambridge

Need Full Service Junk Removal & Disposal? We’re There!

Cambridge’s Go-To Service for Junk Removal

You don’t have to be a hoarder to need a junk removal service! Sometimes junk just happens.

If you live in a home for many years, clothing, knick knacks and things have a tendency to increase in number.

Or even if you’re really good at keeping personal items to an as-needed amount, perhaps you have grown children who have moved out and “conveniently” left their unwanted items behind.

Whatever the reason, you may find that your Cambridge home is not looking as pristine as it once did and the idea of a team of professionals coming in and making all that junk disappear is sounding pretty appealing.

Junk Removal Inside and Out!

Canada Junk is a full service junk removal company.

The only limitations to our service is that we can only remove items that we are able to lift and we can only remove items that are not considered hazardous waste.

Anything else is fair game.

And because we are full service, we don’t simply leave a bin behind and then expect you to do the hardest part of the job.

We get a lot of requests to clean out garages and basements, but we can also go through attics, closets, haul away unwanted appliances and even clean up and take away yard waste.

We can work under your supervision or if you are too busy, we can work in your absence provided that you have given us very clear instructions in writing prior to us beginning our job.

A Quicker Way to Eliminate Junk

Most people don’t have a lot of time for jobs like junk removal.

Not only are they busy their jobs, their families and other important things, but junk removal can be both physically and emotionally demanding.

Heavy lifting and nostalgia can both slow down the DIY junk remover.

That’s one reason why relying on a professional junk removal company can be a good choice. 

Our team is used to heavy lifting and already has the proper equipment to move very heavy loads. 

And because we don’t have the emotional attachment, we are much faster than the average homeowners.

When Junk is Not Really Junk

At Canada Junk, we understand that one person’s junk is another person’s find of the century at their local thrift store.

We also understand that most people don’t want to see their stuff end up in a landfill if it is still good enough to be of use to someone.

Whenever possible we help to find your unwanted items new homes either through having them recycled or by donating them to an appropriate charity.

You may even designate a charity drop off point if you wish.

Room to Breathe

One of the most important reasons to hire a junk removal company is that once we have cleared away the clutter, your home will both look and feel better.

Being surrounded by clutter is stressful but once your home is cleared of all that unnecessary stuff, it’s like being able to breathe again.

It also provides for a much more sanitary and healthy environment.

Junk Removal & Disposal In Cambridge