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When you first moved into your home, chances are that you never thought that one day you’d feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount of stuff that you’d accumulated.

You may have purchased appliances or furniture, not giving a thought to the day when it would become worn and tired and broken.

But eventually the day does come when you just need to get rid of all that excess junk.

Or perhaps your junk problem is not inside but outside.

You may have a badly cracked patio that needs to be dug up and hauled away, or perhaps the wind from the last storm that blew through your Oakville neighborhood has turned your gazebo into a pile of scrap.

No matter why you might need a junk removal service, Canada Junk is here to help.

How Canada Junk Stands Out Above the Competition

Just as there is no shortage of junk in our city, there is also no shortage of junk removal service companies that are willing to come and haul it away for you.

But at Canada Junk, we stand out among our competition.

Many other junk removal services are what we call bin services.

They bring you a bin, but leave the real back breaking work to you.

People who hire these types of services must do all the hard work themselves by cleaning up their homes and yards and filling the bins with the junk that they would like to have hauled away.

Our team on the other hand does this part of the job – the most difficult part – for you.

As long what you have is not too heavy for our crew (or their equipment) and it is not considered hazardous waste, we’ll break it up (if required), take it to the truck, and take it away.

Making Life Simpler and Better

Removing clutter from your home and debris from your yard can benefit you in a number of ways. 

Perhaps the most important reason is that life is simply nicer when you are in a clean and uncluttered environment – not to mention more sanitary.

If you are trying to sell your home, getting rid of clutter is an absolute must as it will give a poor impression to would-be buyers.

While you can do your own junk removal, hiring a service such as ours can free you up to do what is more important to you.

Most people who do their own removal underestimate both the amount of time it will actually take as well as the financial cost of renting trucks and paying junkyard fees.

Keeping Oakville Green

At Canada Junk, we understand that just because you no longer have use for certain items, it doesn’t mean that they belong in a landfill.

If some or all of the stuff that we take away can be recycled, reused or reclaimed, we’ll find a new home for it.

We’ll either donate it to a suitable charity or take it to be recycled.

While there are times that items do have to go to a landfill, we do our best to keep this amount to the absolute minimum.

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