Junk Removal & Disposal In Windsor

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Taking Care of Windsor’s Junk

Have you lived in the same home for many years?

Have you recently downsized or helped an elderly parent to downsize?

Do you have adult children who have moved out and refused to take their stuff with them?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, there is a good chance that you could benefit from the services of Canada Junk.

Who is Canada Junk?

We are full service junk removal experts. Unlike the other guys who drop off a big box, tell you to fill it yourself, and come back the next week to drive it away, we are willing to get our hands dirty in order to help you rid yourself of unwanted stuff.

Inside Junk

Whether it’s junk in the basement or junk throughout the entire house, we’ll come in and clean it out for you.

Your junk may consist of old books and clothing that you no longer want or need or it may be heavier items like old furniture and broken appliances.

As long as we can lift it and it isn’t hazardous, we will take it for you.

Outside Junk

Maybe it isn’t so much the inside of your home that needs help but the outside.

Perhaps that deck or patio is so far gone that it must be replaced rather than repaired. Perhaps that fencing has seen better days.

Perhaps that old hot tub just needs to go. Our team will dig it up, break it up, or tear it up and haul it away for you.

The Meaning of Professional

A lot of companies say they are professional.

But we’d like to go a step further and tell you what we mean by professional.

We will always respect you and your home.

We realize that in some cases, having strangers come into your home and take items away may be emotional for you.

So we always treat our customers with the greatest respect.

We are also quick and efficient.

We understand that even though junk removal is necessary, it is still a disruption, so we do our job as efficiently as possible so you can get back to normal.

A Green Choice

There are many reasons why people need to get rid of stuff.

Rarely is that reason because the stuff is “garbage”.

At Canada Junk, we hate to fill up landfills, so we try our best not to.

If your stuff can be donated to a local charity or recycled, we make sure that it is.

You may even choose the charity yourself if you wish!

A Good Choice

Often people wait until they have no choice but to hire a junk removal company.

Perhaps they are downsizing and simply can’t bring it all with them.

If that’s you, we understand and will give you our best professional service.

But there are other reasons – rather than being forced to – for hiring a junk removal service. 

Perhaps the best reason is that clutter can be a source of stress.

When your home is de-cluttered it both looks and feels better.

Call us today for a free estimate.

Junk Removal & Disposal Windsor