What about tricky items? Can you remove my hot tub?

Yes, we can remove just about anything. As long as our men and their equipment can lift it and it is not hazardous material we are able to haul it off of your property.

  • Fencing is common for us to be asked to take away. Not only will we haul it off of your property we will also take it apart and tear down for you. As well as with fencing we can also dispose of old firewood and old timber.
  • Materials on a construction site can easily pile up. Make an impression on your neighborhood or the community by calling us to keep your construction materials cleaned up. These can include debris, tiling or anything that came out during demolition work.
  • A number of cities in Canada require that foliage be bagged if is going to be picked up by the city’s waste management. This is done every other week by the city and now some cities are even requiring that the foliage be bagged in biodegradable trash bags. Instead of doing all of that hard work yourself, we can come by and take away tree and bush clippings and branches.
  • Any furniture that we can lift we are able to take for you. This includes couches, sofa beds and mattresses.
  • Appliances include your freezer, refrigerator, washer, dryer, air conditioner and microwave. We can detach any of these that are built-in and haul them all away.
  • Do you have a shed in the backyard that needs to go? Not only can we haul away the junk inside of it we can also demolish and haul away the leaning and falling apart shed that you no longer need. In addition, we can clean out your garage and your attic.
  • Concrete and stone is no problem for us. We will pull out and take away broken pathways and flooring as well as your unwanted garden stones.
  • Do you have leftover soil and dirt from a new garden project? Don’t worry about disposing of that, we can take care of it for you.
  • In addition to construction materials you will also hallway roofing materials and renovation demolition materials. These include but are not limited to, windows, drywall, framing, plasterboard and floorboards.

For tricky items like hot tubs we use equipment as well as manpower to remove them. We ask that you remove the water before we arrive. This helps the job gave faster and helps save you money.

Swing sets and fences on the other hand it can be disassembled by us unless you would like to take on the job of taking them apart on your own. We bring all of the tools needed to get the project done including shovels, power tools, wheelbarrows and dollies.

Anything too heavy for us to carry would likely have to be removed by heavy machinery. This would include underground pools and large pieces of commercial buildings. A crane service may also be needed to remove something from a backyard or tight space where large equipment cannot reach.

Can you remove tricky junk like hot tubs?