Our parents recently sold their condo in Toronto. How can you help with the condo clean out?

Cleaning out any type of home is a task that is stressful and time consuming, not to mention that there is also a great deal of physical labour involved that not everyone is capable of doing.

Hiring a company like Canada Junk for a condo clean out in Toronto saves everyone involved the aggravation of hauling boxes and large items up and down the stairs or into service elevators and allows them to concentrate on the rest of the things that are involved in the moving process.

Besides being affordable, getting condo clean out services is just plain convenient.

You leave all of the junk items that need to be removed behind and a professional team will come in to take care of all the heavy lifting for you.

Instead of you running in and out, an expert group of enthusiastic lifters will ensure that everything is taken out of the condo in a timely manner — no wasted time spent running back and forth to the closest landfill.

Once all of the items have been removed and the clean out is complete, all that is left for the owner to do is lock the door.

The carpets will have been vacuumed, the walls and floors have been washed, and the windows will sparkle.

The next owner will walk into a pristine home that they will not have to scour before the first box makes it through the door.

A Greener Clean Out

With commitments to recycling and the environment being of utmost importance at Canada Junk, items not moving with you will only see the inside of a garbage bag if they truly are garbage.

All of the items are carefully scrutinized to ensure that anything reusable is donated, and materials that are recyclable make it to the proper facility.

The list of items that can be removed is wide and varied but some of the most common things include:

  • Furniture: Couches, bedroom sets, cabinets, tables and chairs, wall units, patio furniture, etc.
  • Appliances: Freezers, stoves, washers and dryers, refrigerators, dishwashers, microwaves, water heaters and water tanks, etc.
  • Renovation debris from repairs: Wood, drywall, brick, carpet, counters, flooring, toilets, bath tub, tile, etc.
  • Other: All types of electronics, Jacuzzi and hot tubs, pianos, clothing, tires, pallets, above ground pools, glass, brush and tree branches, yard waste, tools and machines, lawnmowers, paper, cardboard, household garbage, etc.


There are several items that are not able to be hauled away as well.

These include hazardous waste, household solvents or chemicals, paint and paint cans, and any type of oil or gas.

If you are unsure whether or not an item can be taken away, simply ask.

For the leftover junk that is unable to be taken away, the City of Toronto website has a full list of what can be brought where, along with the location address and their hours of operation.

Both the hours and the locations are convenient throughout the city to make the disposal of condo clean out remnants a simple matter wherever you happen to live.

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