My old couch is still good. Is it possible to have a furniture removal company in Toronto donate it rather than throw it out?

Many people find that when they purchase a new couch, or other type of furniture, that they have no idea what to do with the old one.

They have called around to friends and family with no takers and there is just no room in the home to keep it somewhere else.

So off to the garbage pile it has to go right? Absolutely not!

Thanks to companies like Canada Junk for furniture removal in Toronto, that unwanted couch will go to a new home.

The Greener Choice

In the last decade, more individuals and businesses are seeking out environmentally friendly and socially responsible ways of dealing with disposal of items.

Both government and independent businesses are starting initiatives to keep items that are still usable out of our landfills.

Garbage comes into dumps daily and they are filling up at an alarming rate.

Without this type of “Reduce, Recycle, Reuse” intervention, the time will come very soon when there is just no more room for all of the waste that is flowing into the landfills.

Giving a Hand Up

If you have a couch (or any other item for that matter) that is still in great shape and has many years of use left in it, it is a simple matter to call us for furniture removal. We are partnered with local charitable organizations and can make sure your old items get put to good use. Sometimes these items will go to a thrift shop which is operated by a local branch of a non-profit organization. These thrift shops are often training vehicles to help people develop important job skills.

Other times, your unwanted items may be may be donated directly to individuals who are in the midst of difficult financial circumstances and who are unable to afford basic essential items such as a couch.

There is a real need for gently used items that can be reused by someone who really needs them. It is not only the poor that benefit from donated furniture items. A wide variety of circumstances can make it necessary for individuals or families to be in dire need of couches, beds, tables and chairs, and other kinds of household goods. Some of the items go to those who were homeless and are now transitioning back into society, families who have lost their home and possessions to a fire or other type of natural disaster, newcomers to the country, refugees, and also women and children who are escaping from an abusive situation.

Items like couches and other furniture can also be sold in thrift stores at reduced prices to those who do not have a lot of money to spare, such as college students, lower income families, and those who are moving out on their own for the first time. It will also give you a great feeling to know that you have given assistance to someone who is desperately in need of help, and also that you are doing your part to help the environment by contacting Canada Junk to perform your furniture removal in Toronto.

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