What types of items are considered “specialty items” in junk removal in Toronto and can you accommodate them?

The definition of what is considered to be specialty item removal in Toronto is quite simple.

If it is large, bulky, heavy, or awkward to handle, likely it will be classified as a specialty item.

The following is a list of some of the most common types of items that are too difficult for the average person to remove and dispose of on their own:

  • Pianos, including baby grand pianos and upright pianos
  • Pools, including above ground pools, children’s pools, and wading pools
  • Jacuzzis, hot tubs, saunas, and spas
  • Medical and health equipment, including dental chairs, surgical tables, and hospital beds
  • Oil tanks
  • Electric beds
  • TV antenna and satellite dishes and/or systems
  • Basketball nets
  • Playground equipment, including swing sets, slides, monkey bars, jungle gyms, and play sets
  • Tree houses, dog houses, and small sheds
  • Lawnmowers, yard tractors, snow blowers, and tillers

Finding a way to get rid of
all kinds of oversize and awkward items can be a nightmare.

Should you choose not to hire professionals, you will have to coordinate helpers who can all be there at the same time; you will require trucks or trailers to remove the junk, and you’ll have to make sure that the landfill or junk yard is open at the right time.

Not only is trying to do this by yourself stressful, it can also be dangerous for you and your crew of helpers.

Simply picking something up the wrong way can lead to pulled or strained muscles, sprained ankles, wrists, or elbows, hernias, and a host of other injuries that may require a visit to the emergency room, if not a stay in the hospital.

With an experienced and professional team of movers on the job, you can be sure that safety is a priority, and that they have the proper types of equipment and techniques to make the job look easy.

Whether it is only a few pieces that need to be removed and disposed of, or the job is going to require multiple loads, showing up with the correct size of work crew that will be needed will have your junk disappearing fast — with no work required from you except to point a finger at what needs to go.

For those who need to have specialty items taken away from commercial and industrial properties and locations, customers will be happy to know that items such as old manufacturing equipment in factories, retail store fixtures and furniture, and even unused or unwanted restaurant apparatuses such as grills, deep fryers, prep tables, floor mixers, ovens, and fridges and freezers can also be hauled away with the minimum amount of fuss.

You will also be glad to know that whenever possible, specialty items in Toronto are donated to several different organizations or recycled appropriately.

A high priority is making sure that only true garbage items will be removed and then sent to the landfills.

If you have large, bulky or heavy items that simply need to go, call the professionals at Canada Junk today.

Specialty Junk Removal Items Toronto