What if my junk isn't really "junk"? Can you help me donate it?

Yes, we would be glad to help you donate your junk. You don’t have to take all of your junk to the junkyard. We can also take it to a local charity for a donation. Plus, if you have donations and junk that needs to go to the dump we can deliver at both locations.

It’s a great feeling to be able to donate your unwanted clothing, appliances and miscellaneous items for someone else to get use out of and we feel great being able to help you do that.

The same process can be followed for donations. We ask that you call us in advance to set your appointment. When you call we will give you a rough estimate of how many truckloads will be required to take all of your donations. We will then set up an appointment with you and meet you on the scheduled day.

While we will take anything out of your home, we do suggest that you contact the organization that you will be donating to and ask them what items they cannot accept. Some organizations are unable to accept large items like refrigerators, mattresses, large appliances and TVs.

Once you set up a time and day with us you will want to contact the organization and let them know when we will be arriving. This will give them time to make room for the new donations. As happy as we are that you will be donating to a good cause we will still have to charge for our services.

Once we arrive at your home we will give you an exact price on what it will cost to remove your items and deliver them. In order for us to give this exact price we do have to see everything in person. It’s difficult for us to know exactly how much manpower and time will go into junk removal if we have not yet seen it for ourselves.

For the convenience of the organization you are donating to we suggest that you pack your donations in boxes and bags. Securing the shops will also help keep the items from spilling over in the truck and once they’ve been donated the organization will be able to store them easily. For regular junk removal we don’t necessarily expect you to go to this extra trouble, but organizations are always very appreciative when donations are delivered in an organized fashion.

Because not all of your junk may be donation worthy, we will gladly make a stop at the junkyard as well. Depending on the amount of junk that is to be delivered at the junkyard and how dirty it may make the truck we might suggest delivering the donations and coming back for the rest.

All of these variables can be discussed by giving us a call. Help us help you by letting us know what to expect when we arrive. Before you call you may want to make a list of what will be picked up so that we can give your rough estimate over the phone.

Can you help me donate my junk?